Health Benefits

Research Conducted by Mary M. Flynn, PhD, RD, and LDN at the Miriam Hospital, Brown University, Providence, RI in 2018 has found that the consistent use of 2 Tablespoons per day of Extra Virgin Olive Oil will in about 3 weeks:

-Improve health by lowering blood pressure, blood glucose and insulin, oxidation, and inflammation. 

-Improve health and level of blood lipids (LDL & HDL)

-Lower body weight and decrease risk of weight gain

Olive Oil, also known as liquid gold, can be seen in many kitchens around the world. It can be cooked with, baked with, seasoned with, drizzled with, and yes even used as a topical ointment for your skin. Extra virgin olive oil contains vitamin E (an antioxidant vitamin that can help strengthen the immune system, and reduce risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer), Essential Fatty Acids ( that can stave off heart disease, obesity, and diabetes), Chlorophyll (a substance that has antioxidant properties), Polyphenols (a substance that acts as antioxidants), Phytoestrogens (substances that help beat bone loss and minimize  the pesky symptoms of menopause), and Sterols (substances that counter the intestinal absorption of cholesterol in foods). It has been used as a healing remedy in many religions and cultures throughout the world. 

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Olive Oil Beauty Benefits:

  • Best Makeup Remover

  • Stretch Mark Buster

  • Wrinkle Smoother

  • Dark Circle Eraser

Olive Oil For Dry Skin Recipe

  • 2 tbsp O' So Good Olive Oil Chocolate or Vanilla Olive Oil

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • 4 tbsp fine brown sugar

  • Mix in together in a bowl and gently scrub on your skin. Follow with a nice relaxing shower.

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